Strategies Make the Concept

No event has impact if it doesn't have a strategy. A strategy doesn't need to be this all-encompassing, 30-page thing. All it needs to be is a guide for your clients. How did you get to the choices you made? How did you choose that title, that place setting, that film to be played? A strategy speaks to what was heard, what was discussed, and synthesizes that information into concrete decisions. You don't bake a cake without ingredients. The strategy is the ingredients of the event.

The Mark Of A Great Speech

1. It tells a story. No matter the industry, a good speech should paint a picture for the audience. It should connect with them, on an instinctual level.

2. It has a structure. Structure matters. Are you starting off with a joke? How are you building to your key points? How are you walking the guest through your narrative?

3. It has a clear message. Every speech should have a clear message and a clear action. Think of yourself like an actor. What are you doing to change your audience? What do you want in this moment?

4. It's honest. Audiences can tell when you're not being truthful. They can tell when you're just going through the motions. A great speech brings them in, wraps them up, and provides them comfort.

Creating Memories

You have to look at your event from a holistic lens. What are you saying to your attendees? How are you reaching them? How are you connecting with them? In short, what is the feeling you're trying to instill within them. When they walk through those doors, when they sit down to their meal, a feeling should be captured. Their senses should be lit, their eyes should be heightened, and their emotions should be tapped. At every turn, you are the one crafting their experience.

Lifting the Tradeshow Experience

At Glitter Corps, we love working with tradeshows. We understand your need to reach your audience and make sure they stop at your booth. Below are a few suggestions for best practices.

Make it honest: You are the heart and soul of your booth. Don’t sugarcoat anything. Put out your best product and put your best self forward. It’s hard to be "on" all the time, but it’s the difference between people who stop and people that just walk on by. How many booths have you gone to where the person is on their phone? 

Interactivity: People want things to interact with. Make sure your booth has info guests can take home, and maybe some cute swag. This can pay dividends in them remembering you. If they come home and they pull out the swag they got from you, this is something that they’re going to keep long after the event.

Bonuses: Give them bonuses that might make them flock to you; gift cards, app downloads, whitepapers they can download to their phone. Give them every opportunity to continually engage with you.

On-site experience: They want to see your product in action. If you’re a cartoonist, draw them a picture at the booth. If you have a 3D printer, that thing better be on and working when folks stop by. Get them involved. I was at a comic con and I paid for a guy to draw one of my favorite superheroes. That’s something that I’ll remember, and keep with me, for a long time. No one else did that. And the guy was flooded with people.

Don’t look at your guests as just passive consumers. See them as potential customers. Sure, some are just being there to look around and pass by. But all of them are looking to be attracted and pulled towards a service that interests them. Don’t skimp on any detail.

The Power of Broadway In Your Event

We all love Broadway. We all love going to the shows, meeting the performers, both backstage and at the stage door. But another great, often overlooked thing is that there are Broadway talents throughout the city who aren’t always in shows. This is a prime opportunity for you to bring them to your event. 

Case in point: I reached out to a Broadway singer for an event I was helping with last year. Together, we chose two songs she knew she could knock out of the park. I connected her with a music director, they met up in the city, and she showed up on the day of event, ready to crush it. 

This is what Broadway brings you; a proven talent, an incredible performer, and someone who is going to leave the crowd absolutely floored. As great as it is to use local talent, and I encourage it whenever you can, there is something so incredible about bringing in professional singers. 

We all think these performers are so hard to come by. But the truth is, they are available and they are ready to work. So, give them a call and take a leap of faith.  Everyone will be talking about that performance for weeks following the event.