Thanksgiving. The first in a month-long stretch of food, family, and good tidings. Well, for some. For others, it's a time to be back with the family that you are really never able to be yourself around. You have changed, and yet, they haven't. You have grown, but to them, you'll always be 15.

The holidays can be magical. They can be great. But there's no denying it's hard for some. So what do you do?

I think you redefine the holidays. I think you create holidays that are for you and the family you have made. You don't always have to go home. You don't have to slog through snow and rain to get back to those people who don't know the you that you've become. You can start your own traditions, make the holidays your way.

Maybe this holiday season, we think about the ones in our lives who really count. The friends we've made along the way, the coworkers we've grown close to. And maybe we take a long look at the family we were born into. Maybe they're not the family we were meant to spend every holiday with. Maybe there's something to be said about that.