They lay there together. The sun was out. But it wasn't the normal sun. The kind of sun that they remember. The sun that used to blanket them in its beauty, keep them from harm and light the way to their next world. It was purple and blue, a harsh mauve . The black clouds circled around it like a cyclone.

In the distance, pockets of tornados were hitting unsuspecting towns. A little ways off, lightning cracked against the earth.

"The sun is bad news," Lorik remarked. "The  good is gone from this land."

Albert lay his head on Lorik's shoulder. A soft gesture. But he felt safe with him. No evil could come at them when they were together.

"What are we going to do," Albert asked. He knew the answer. He just liked to hear Lorik speak. Lorik could always make him at ease. His voice was soft and calm. 

"We stay here."

The world was coming to a close, it seemed. Underneath the mountains, men were holding the local women hostage, raping and maiming them. In the old battlegrounds, disarmed military tanks became the refuge for the mutated ones. They would live there, plotting out the schemes. Weapons that once meant our protection were now being used to instill fear.

"We stay here for tonight. We watch. We take it in. Tomorrow, we make our way forward. Tomorrow, we are going to be the saviors this land has been looking for. They never thought much of what two men could do. But love can change the world. We can change the world. And when it's all over. They're going to look back and write about us. And it will be marked. Burned into the land. We were lovers, we stood for what was good, and we fixed this planet. The Old Guard, they killed it. We found a way to bring it back."