NOTE: Here is a quick excerpt from the novella I started write. Enjoy!

Enzo Barkley walks up the stairs to his fifth floor apartment. It’s January. The cold hits at his neck. He lugs the groceries. Plastic bags as that’s all he can afford.

Here’s what happened. Three years ago, people started getting sick. Most folks thought it was nothing at first. A cold, some vomiting. Nothing those little antacid pills couldn’t fix. Then, more people started to get sick. Doctors wondered what it was. Lead poisoning in the water, maybe. Chemicals from the local household products. Perhaps. The air quality from the car emissions. Slowly, a greenish haze started to form above the buildings. It was small at first, but then it started to take over. Cities and towns across the country began to wonder what this was all about. People got sicker. More folks started to die. The internet talked about it, but only in those little corners of the internet. It didn’t make much news. People were too busy reading about all the other goings on.

Then, it started to progress. You’d see people passing out in the stretes. They’d be fine one day and then be in bed the next. Doctors wondered what happened. They had no answer. Finally, some scientists came in with answers. Whatever this thing was, it attacks the nervous system. It paralysis your nerves and shut down brain cells. It effectively turns you insane. It attacks your nervous system until you can’t handle it anymore, and you succumb to its lethal powers.

Then, the Big Pharmaceuticals came into the picture. They created crowdfunding campaigns to help find scientists who could cure the disease. After about a year of deaths and more deaths, they came up with a cure. Well, not a cure, but a stabilizer. Something that would keep the virus at bay. It was heralded as one of the crowning achievements in modern science. People lined up to get the drug.

But money doesn’t move in that way. No. The higher ups knew they could profit off this. Why give it to all, when you can slap a price tag on it and keep it to only a select few? And that’s what they did. The drug was taken off the counters. It was given to only a select few of doctors and pricedso only the rich could get to it. And the rich did. They were losing family members, too. They wanted the deaths to stop.