So, friends, I'm starting this business. And with this beginning, some questions come to mind. Well, let me backup. I spent a lot of last year making LGBT content on my own. This meant making short films and publishing a book.

The book is called "God of Winter." You can find it here.

Anyway, back to what matters. So, I create these LGBT stories on my own. And this is something I want to continue to do. I did this last year because I love it, and to show folks the kind of stories that I can make for them. But I also want to make stuff for LGBT organizations who need it. So, this is where the question part comes in.

Are LGBT folks looking for content to help their business? Are companies looking to reach out to, specifically, more LGBT audiences?

Does Maryland tourism need to appeal to a wider audience? What about West Virginia and Delaware? Do the community organizations in Baltimore, catering to gay and lesbian and trans kids, need content to help get their message across? Does the health clinic need content to help make their process easier to understand?

I think these folks need this. I think these folks do need to find new and innovative ways to reach their audience. And really, that's what I'm here for.

So, as I kick off this journey, I realize that I have a wealth of people I can go to. And to me, that shows me that wherever you are, no matter where you are, you can create great things for people who need it most.