I'll tell you what one of my biggest issues is as a creator - it's juggling the marketing and the creating.

Let me explain. I can write fast. It's just something I'm able to do. And I have a lot of ideas. But what happens is that I finish the book or short film, and then I need to market it. But I don't take the time enough to do it. Instead, I am off on the next project and focused on seeing that through.

This is a problem because the work doesn't get out to the world. No one sees it. I'm not well-known, so people aren't searching for my books. So, then, dear readers, how do you juggle both? How do you break out? How do you get people to buy your book, watch your film?

On one hand, I have a good idea how. On the other hand, my problem is forcing myself to do it. When I'd rather be writing and making other stuff. But if I don't do it, if I don't take the time, I'm only hurting me.

I told myself in 2016 that I would focus more on marketing. I have not done that this month. Instead, I've been taking one day to write a new film script and one day to write a new novella. Obviously, marketing has gone by the wayside.

I need to spend more time focused on meeting people, reaching out, and getting people to see my work. Otherwise, I am just creating in a vacuum. And that's not helping me move forward.