This past week, with the recent move by the Oscars to better inclusion in the Academy and the continued (and much needed) dialogue about creating opportunities for all, I wanted to say this little thing right here. This is to all those people who don't understand why this is a big deal, and why we are having these conversations, and why these changes need to be made.


It's about giving people a chance to tell their story. It's about bringing new voices into the world. It's about reaching an audience that wants (and deserves) to see their stories on the page, on the screen, on the stage, on the tv set. It's not about taking something from someone else. It's not about me versus you. It's not about "if they get to tell their story, then I won't get to tell mine." There is enough of the pie to go around. There are more than enough channels, enough movies, enough content.  Where everyone has a space to make their art. There is plenty out there. Nothing is going away. It's about letting people in. It's about adding to the conversation. It's about giving others a chance to succeed. It's about finding your team, creating a story, and giving it your all. It's about people who want the same things as you - to create, to build, to shape, to empower, and to be heard. It's about building people up. It's about employing people. It's about opportunity. It's about all the different lives that make up this world. It's about the beautiful tapestry that connects us all. it's about this exquisite thing called life. It's about a chance. It's about progress. It's about the future.