When a man calls a woman names, it's forgotten. It's laughed off. When a man tries to grope a woman, he's given a pass. When a man makes terrible statements about women time and again, she's the one told to lighten up. When a man interrupts, says a woman should be thrown in jail, tries to destroy people, he is called passionate. When a man cheats people and cheats on his taxes, he's a shrewd businessman. When a man does these things, no one notices. When a man does these things, everyone rushes to his defense.

When a man does these things, he is in fact, no man at all. He's never been a man. And never will be.

He's never been a good father. Never been a good businessman. Never been someone who has looked out for others. Never been good to a woman, or his kids. Never actually brought good to America. Never actually did anything of value in his life. Never created anything that didn't come at the expense of someone else. Never fought, never struggled, never faced oppression, never cried, never bled, never hurt, never helped, never saved, never honored, never lived, never did some good.

Never has he been a man. Never will he be a man. And never will he be President.