Seth waited at the coffee shop. His mother was arriving soon. And with her arrival, like a storm heading through the coast, there would come a strong mix of anger, resentment, caring, judgement, sentiment, fear, control, and guilt. She was a master at this cocktail of emotions.

She came in with a flourish. Pushing past guests and waving her hands in the air like a crazy person.

"How could he? How could he do this to you? I hate him. I hate him. I always knew he would do this to you. I did. I did. I said it to your father that night we met him at the play. I saw it right then. Within minutes. I took your father aside and I said 'Malcolm, this man is no good for our boy. He is selfish, he won't even get out of the car to say hello. He is difficult. He won't even ask me any questions. Did you see that? Did you notice that? He knows about my painting class. He knows about my wine business. He certainly knows about the blog I just started. And does he say anything? No. Does he seem interested? No. And he won't even hold Seth's hand. He's a dog. He's shit. He's the worst. And I will say this, I will say this, it's going to end in heartbreak. I just know it is. Malcolm, we have to be ready. We have to be ready for this to happen. We have to be there for our baby. Because he's going to get his heart broke. And it's not going to be good. I know it. I just know it."

Seth was about to speak. But she wouldn't let him.

"So, here we are. And look at you. You look awful. You look like you haven't slept in days. And have you? Be honest. Have you? And have you eaten? You look like you've lost ten pounds. Twenty. Here's the thing, dear. You're better off. You are. You may not see it now. You may not see it tomorrow, but you are. You're going to see it one day. And you'll thank me for saying what I am about to say to you. He was a shit. He wasn't good to you. He wasn't a nice man. And he didn't care about you in the way that you deserved. Honey, you are a diamond. You're incredible. And you deserve someone who will treat you that way. And he didn't. I know it hurts to hear, but from you're not talking, I know you feel the same way. You're going to get through this. Push away the tears. You don't need them anymore. He wasn't even the right fit for this family anyway. I mean, could you imagine. He was terrible to you. Sure, a few good moments here and there, but that does not a relationship make. Not a healthy one. Not a loving one. Now, listen to me. Tell me what you're feeling. What is going on with you?"

Seth had no answer.