I think one aspect of business that most of our 50 states keep missing (or don’t do enough of) is investing in LGBTQ tourism. You have these communities of people in your state, you should be marketing to them. Why aren't you marketing to them?

We have seen how this can backfire when you go and do the opposite. What is happening in North Carolina is an example of this. Because of the HB2 law, countless businesses have left the state, the NCAA just said they would take their championship games out of the state. Multiple organizations have left. And what has this done? It’s caused the state to suffer. Because of the Governor’s ruling, his state is now losing millions in income. A state as wonderful as North Carolina should not have to suffer something like this? When politicians discriminate against a group, it impacts every business.

The time is now for states to invest in bringing/welcoming/accepting the LGBTQ community into their state. The time is now for cities and counties to appeal to their interests, offer them reasons for coming here/living here. This should be directed to both communities who want to move here and for those folks who currently reside in the state. If you are not offering reasons for your citizens to stay, then there is a problem.

LGBTQ people will bring money into your state. The numbers don’t lie. Whether it's getting married, raising a family, going on vacation. If you make your city or state desirable to our community, then we will support it. This isn’t hard to comprehend. It’s time you invested in our community. We want to visit your state, we want to stay in your hotels, check out your resorts, walk around your towns, shop in your malls. We will support those places that are welcoming to us.

This isn’t just about good business, either. It’s about being a good person. What the politicians in North Carolina have done to their state is terrible. They have no idea the pain they have caused families, or the businesses they have hurt. And if they do know, they simply do not care. The HB2 law is a vile, repugnant, and despicable law. It is backwards. The Governor is silent, though. Silent about the people he has hurt. Silent about the money his state has lost because of his poor decision. Silent about the businesses who didn't ask for this law to take effect.

At GLITTER CORPS, we know the power of the LGBTQ community. Not only is this a business that supports LGBTQ people, it is also a business that will support other business that welcome our community. We will do business with them and bring business to them. It’s a no-brainer, really.

To states, cities, and towns across the country: if you are looking to appeal to the LGBTQ community, if you want to see millions come into your state, then give us a call. We want to work with you. We know how to reach that audience.