In America today, we have a presidential candidate who stays up at 3am in the morning to spout sexist, fat-shaming rantings about a Miss Universe contestant. In America today, we have a presidential candidate who interrupts his opponent 70 times during the debate. In America today, we have people who support a man who has offered no policies, no solutions, and no legitimate ideas for how he will fix things. In America today, we have a candidate who spouts racist remarks and his numbers go up.

2016 has been anything but normal. It’s shown us many things. It’s shown us that we are times when we are divided. Divided in the way we think how this country has been turning out. Some say it’s over, some say it needs to be great again, some say it’s fine as is. Everyone comes at it from a different angle. 

I can’t help but look at this election and be left with questions. What is causing all this hate? Why do we think things are so bad? Where did we lose our way? How have we become this divided?

Look, I believe we aren’t as divided as the papers and blogs say we are. I believe that there are better fixes to this country than electing a racist billionaire who has no foreseeable plans. I believe we can be better to each other.

Have we lost decorum? Do we think about other people anymore? When did it become ok to be cruel? When did it become fine to hurt someone else? Why do we hide behind screens and try to destroy each other? Why do we punch each other at rallies?

Things haven’t been easy for many people this year. People have lost homes, we’ve lost heroes, we’ve lost money, we’ve lost confidence, we’ve lost jobs. But this year isn’t all that different from other years. Storms come, laws are put in, celebrities die, jobs are here one minute and gone the next. We live in an age where every second is monetized and commented on. We live in a time where we are more self-involve than ever before.

If we are going to fix things, we have to listen to each other. If we are going to make this world better, we are going to have to have those conversations. We are going to have sit down with someone who doesn’t always think like us, and we’re going to have to talk them. We’re going to have to hear them out. And we will need to realize that it’s not always about us. Someone has it worse, someone has it better. That’s how it’s always been.

Are we going to shine, or we going to fall? Are we going to listen, or are we going to turn our heads away? What’s the endgame going to be? How are we going to become a better nation? How are we going to love each other a little more?

I don’t have the answers. But i’m working on it.