This is a beginning of a new novel I'm working on. Hope you enjoy!

Seth walked out of his apartment. He chose to wear the ridiculously large scarf that he found at a consignment shop one year ago. It was pretty much a blanket, but he chose to think of it as a scarf. He wore it out of revolt, most of all. Jared got the scarf for him.

He remembered the day. They had done their annual fall fun days. They go and get a pumpkin drink, drive through the hills and stumble upon a farm. They go on hayrides, pick pumpkins, gorge on apple cider donuts, overspend on fall decor. Their day to just be fun and crazy and silly. They were almost through with the day when Jared spotted the little consignment shop and said they just had to stop by and check it out. Jared bought some chunky jewelry. Then, he founds the scarf.

"You just have to buy it," he said. "You love scarves, you love blankets. Tell me this is not you."

Seth remembered smiling, so big and bright. And thinking how could someone know you so well. How could someone know your ins and outs. You go on one date, then another, then eight or nine months fly by and this person starts to know you better than you know yourself. They start to do things for you. They start to look out for you. They think of you when you're not around, they plan gifts around you that they know you will just love. You become part of their mindset. When they think of their next  move, they picture you along for every ride.

But then it sops. Like you shut off the power. Like those world-ending superhero films where the hero narrowly makes it to "off" switch. All is quiet. Nothing went wrong and the world is safe again. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Like the air just left your heart. That's what this became. There one minute. Just a memory the next minute. Hoe doers that happen? How does it go so bad so quickly? Why did you reach for the off switch? 

Seth would wear this scarf. He would walk with his held high. He would hold back the tears. He wouldn't let Jared stop him from living. He wouldn't discard all the memories of them. Jared's hold on him could only last for so long. 

In any breakup, it's the little victories. And this was one of them.