When did positivity become something bad? When dxid having hope become something dated? When did people stop thinking things could be better and they started only thinking about how worse it can get?

I believe in telling good, positive stories. I believe in showing a world that is possible. I believe in not only that, but also showing the good in the world that already exists. A lot of content today is focused on the bad. Focused on the hurt and the pain and the wreckage. While I think this is necessary and meaningful and beautiful, I'd like us to think about the good stories we can tell. We have got to search for the good in this world. We have got to believe in the good.

If all we see is bad, then that's how we are going to look at the world. If all we see is anger and hatred, then that's the brush we will forever paint with. But what does this do? It breaks us apart. It makes us hate each other. It tears us from the loving hands ofd another person.

Yes, we can't have blinders on. Yes, we have to admit the problems that exist. There are wars, children dying, bombs going off. There are people dying and people homeless and people being persecuted. I know all these things exist., And we need to show these moments, so that we can learn and grow and help these communities. 

But for every bad thing we see, it just compounds what we think of this would. And the more bad we see, the more clicks news organizations get. The more bad we see, the more we think this world is unsalvageable. The more we see, the less we want to see. Then, we look away. Then, we close off. Then, we live in our little bubble that no one can get to. And this divides us even more. Because our neighbor - we don't think about what he's going through. Our family friend - we don;'t want to hear about what struggles she has. We close off.

Good stories can still tell the bad. Good, positive stories can still bring to light injustices. Let's think about how we do that. Let's think a little more about how we bring that into the world.