Stories mean something. 

Social media is full of people today asking for how to solve the world. How to fix things that go wrong. How to change what's broken. We are a world that looks for answers. We are a people that is always trying to find meaning in the confusing. We post, we tweet, we complain, we bicker, we abuse, we entertain, we celebrate. We try to figure out this crazy thing called life.

I think stories are what help us see through the mess. I think stories give us meaning where there is none. I think it's the stories we tell and the stories we are shown that help bring the good back into the world. America was built on stories. The world was built on stories. Civilizations from as far back as forever have lived off stories.

There's a reason we turn to Netflix and Hulu and HBO Go. There is a reason people go to the theater. There is a reason we go to the movies. Stories give us meaning. They give us life. They help us see things we couldn't see before.

News doesn't do this. Posts on Facebook don't do this. Getting into twitter battles doesn't do this. These things are distractions. These things hurt us and break us apart. 

If we are going to keep moving forward, it's the stories that will help us get there. There is a reason HAMILTON has done so well. it's the story of America for a country that is very disillusioned. It's the story of hope and courage and resolve for a country that isn't sure what to do with what they've been given.

Stories help us see through the baggage and the muck and the crazy. Stories see us through.