And here we are. Five days later. And everything that Democrats thought would happen didn't happen. And everything they feared came true.

I don't know what to say. As a gay man, I am scared. I fear that the thoughts and feelings Mr Trump ignited in people will turn into action that harms my community. And five days later, there have already been a number of incidents of violence that prove my point. It's a scary time, for sure.

We have no idea what the future will bring. What is clear is that we are a divided country. It's clear that there are people in this country who do hate and fear others, and who do want things to go back to the way they were 50 years ago. But it's also clear that we have a number of people in this America who feel left out. And those people, no one wanted to hear from them. No one wanted to listen to them. No one wanted to acknowledge the pain that they also felt. And for them, it was time to make their voices heard.

If we're going to move forward, we have to have tough conversations. We have to open up the lines of dialogue. We have a choice. We can either stay on our side of the aisle and keep to our own thinking, or we can listen and try to come to an understanding. Both sides can't be close-minded. Both sides have to try a little harder. Otherwise, we won't have moved from this place.

It's been five days. America is allowed to mourn. America is allowed to be upset. I'm still upset, I'm still scared, I'm still worried, I'm still angry. But while all these emotions are going on inside me, I still must think about what I can do to make these next four years something worthwhile. I can't let my anger and fear get in the way of me making progress in this life.

Five years ago, I shot a film about small town America and traveled across the Midwest and the deep, deep South. I met people in rural towns, bankers, civil rights fighters, bar owners. I saw an America that had nothing. They were good people, not racists. They were kind people, not filled with hate. But they were people who had nothing. People who no one noticed. No one cared about their stories, their lives, or their plight.

I think about those people now. I think about them five days later. Maybe they voted for Trump. Maybe they voted for Hillary. I don't know. But when history looks back on this election, it could be those lives, those towns, those forgotten people -- they may have been the difference. For better or worse.