Three little words. "I'm With Her."

But it's these three little words that have shaped the last year and a half. Three words that mean positivity, hope, change, possibility, progress. Making things better, helping America thrive, and betting on experience rather than showmanship.

I know who I will vote for come Tuesday morning. And why not? I don't want my kids growing up in the kind of America Donald Trump has fostered. I am so over his rhetoric. I am so over his anger and his hate and his racism. I am so fed up with the lies he has spewed and the divisions he has created. 

Maybe it was always going to come to this. After 8 years of obstructionist politics, 8 years of people seeing America change and leave them behind. I don't know. What I know is that I want something better out of us. I want us to be better. I want us to care for another. I want us to stop fighting, stop name-calling, stop living in fear. Fear. That's what Trump has created.

I know who I will vote for on Tuesday.