Seth sat on his couch. Another breakup. Another guy that didn't work out. Another mountain of promises that would go unfulfilled. Another chance taken. Another end. Seth ran through his Netflix. All the same shows he had seen before. He put on his breakup playlist, ordered in some coffee, and got the stove going on the cinnamon rolls. He was going to fall apart tonight. He had it all planned out. He even put it down in the calendar on his phone. 7:30pm - 11:00pm breakdown.

Somewhere around 11pm, something hit him. He had been here before. This was all so familiar. The tears, the anger, the scrolling through his facebook posts. Wondering what could have been, fussing over all the moments he missed. Asking himself how it all could have gone so wrong so fast. The signs, the moments, the memories, the actions, the little things never said. He hated that he had been here before. He was tired of it.

That's when an idea came in. Time to ask some real questions. Why was he mad at himself? Because it ended again. Another guy that promised forever, but turned out wrong. What did that mean? It meant his future was up in the air. It meant he wouldn't be getting married. It meant he was back out on the dating scene. It meant two more years of meeting, planning, getting to know someone. It meant he had to wait around for a husband, to have kids. Then, another thought came in. 

I don't need a husband. I want kids, right? That's what I want. I want to be a dad. All this time, I've been waiting around for a man. All this time, I've been thinking that a partner is who I need to take those first steps to becoming a family. Why? I have enough saved up. I want a child. Why do I need to wait around for a guy? I don't. I never had to.

And there it was. The answer he had been looking for. The thing that, for a moment, got him out of his sadness. His future wasn't all dark and gloomy anymore. He worried so much about the time it would take to find another guy. But in the end, it was all leading to one thing - being a family. He didn't need a man to have a family. Nope. He didn't need to wait around anymore. The timing was perfect. He was right where he needed to be.

He knew what he had to do.