Vote because America is already great. Vote because it means something. Vote because you have a voice in this election.

It's easy to think that the system is rigged. It's easy to fall back on "Well, my candidate didn't get in." It's easy to say "I'm not happy with either of them." What does this thinking do? You know what it does? It stops progress. It stops change. Sure, you could stay at home on Tuesday, and then what? You get to sit pretty and say you weren't responsible for all that comes next. But you were responsible. You were completely responsible. You stay home and nothing changes. 

It's easy to stay home when nothing impacts you. Isn't that, right? It's easy to stay home when you know your job is secure and you still have money in the bank. It's easy to stay home when you are going to be just fine and dandy. You don't worry about what's going to happen to our schools, our roads, our businesses, our governments, our armed forces. Because none of that impacts you. So, you're fine, right?

But it does impact you. Because you are part of this America. You are here. You have always been here. The steps you walk are the same ones everyone else walks. Your job links to other jobs. Your friends have kids in schools. Your friends have family in the army. 

You claim it's bad, but you do nothing. You claim we can't fix it, but you don't donate. You claim it didn't work out how you wanted, so you stay home. Vote. We were given this right. Vote. We were given this chance. Vote. Because our voices do matter. Our choices do change things. Vote. Vote. 

Look, it's not easy. And you feel wronged when things don't work out. And it's a challenge when you think that nothing ever changes. You fight and you claw, and still nothing.

But America isn't over. And you are part of America. And yes, you don't have it as hard as other people do. You're not going to be deported. You can walk down the street and not get harassed. You can walk down the street and people don't question why you're in their neighborhood. But that's not the case for everyone.

And yes, America has changed. And yes, it's easy to think America is falling apart. And yes, it's easy now to feel less connected to America when the only thing we're connected to is our phones and our iPads. And yes, it's easy to hear the news, and the opinions, and think that nothing will ever get better. But that's not the America I know. That's not the future I want.

If you want change, then change it. If you care about the lives around you, then do something about it. If you want your friends and family and coworkers to be ok, then vote. Vote because we have this right. Vote because people fought and died for the opportunity to have what was just so easily handed to you at 18. Vote because of all those who came before you.