When Binghamton University was looking to launch its first-ever LGBTQ Center, it enlisted Glitter Corps to help get its message out to students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Glitter Corps met with Binghamton's LGBTQ leadership to understand their story and create a strategy that would carry them through the year.

Glitter Corps developed a communications plan which found its way into website redesign, social media, messaging tactics, and video engagement. These efforts gave Binghamton University a blueprint for how to reach the LGBTQ community in the coming year.

Glitter Corps convened with Binghamton LGBTQ alumni to spotlight their college experience and their work out in the field. In addition, Glitter Corps was able to craft a social media strategy that engaged followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Currently, the team is in post-production on a film for the LGBTQ Center. This film will highlight the Center's first year and hear from Binghamton's LGBTQ community, and its allies.