In the new year, let's really take time to think about the things that we make. It's time we ask ourselves honest questions about what we put out into the world. So, when 2018 is just a few ticks from becoming a reality, let's look back on all that we did and really ask ourselves what we did with the time we were given.

  • Did we bow to pressure, or did we try something new?
  • Did we create out of passion, or did we create because we were told to so?
  • Did we listen to the needs of our clients, or did we just do what we thought was best?
  • Did we make something memorable, or did we go for something easy?
  • Did we greet each day, ready to take on the new, or did we get up grumpy and uninspired?
  • Did we look up from our phones and see the beauty of this world, or did we live inside our screens?
  • Did we cater to the trolls and the cynics, or did we make something from the heart?
  • Were we bound by numbers and analytics, or did we look beyond the metrics?
  • Did we create a culture where all our employees feel heard and welcomed, or did we sacrifice morale for product?
  • Did we create something that will move this world forward, or did we fall prey to the commonplace?
  • Did we work with those clients who lift us, or did we work the clients who bring us down?

In every year, you're not going to say "Yes" to every one of these questions. But even so, it's important to really think about what you want this year to look like. We have 365 days to get it right. We have 365 days to bring something into this world that will change people. We're going to make mistakes and we're going to have some slip-ups. Ok. Who cares? In the end, as that glass of sparkling champagne is in your hand and the ball is about to drop on 2017, think about what you want to feel inside. Do you want to feel like you did some good, or do you want to feel like you did what was easy?