I wrote in an earlier blog about the power of telling diverse stories. This is getting a lot of attention today, on both sides of the aisles. Let me go a little further with it.

We need to hear from different people, different cultures, and different communities. If we are going to keep cultures alive, if we are going to keep seeing beauty in the world, we need to hear from everyone. The people who get mad about diversity and inclusion are not getting what's right there for them to see. What I'm saying is, people aren't trying to take your stories away. They aren't asking to take money from you, or audiences from you. They aren't trying to take roles from you. They just want their stories to be told. They want a seat at the table. They want the same things you want.

It does mean something for a child to see themselves on the big screen, or on the small screen. or on the page. It shows them that they can be whatever they want to be. It shows them that their culture deserves to be seen. It shows them that their voices have a purpose and a power.

As they say in the Broadway musical Hamilton, "The world was wide enough." Let's think about this before we rush to judgment. Let's think about this before we start believing that telling diverse stories will shake things up in a bad way. The world is wide enough for all of us. There are enough TV studios, movie studios, awards, and accolades. There are enough journalists to write about us, sites to spotlight us. There is the internet! Let's stop thinking that by telling more diverse stories that somehow we will run out resources. That's silly.

Stories change us. Stories show us who we are. Stories give us a chance to show our world to the rest of the world. It's 2016. Let's think about progress. Let's think about community. Let's think about collaboration. Let's think about telling stories for all people. But to do that, that starts with everyone getting a chance to write, produce, act, and direct. 

At Glitter Corps, that's what we are about. We welcome all stories. We want you to tell your truth to the world. That's why I started this business.

It's time for a change, people. Let's get to it.