I think there is a world out there where we can tell the stories that make life better for everyone. Stories that speak to the battles we've won and lost, the courage we've had to muster in hard times, and the humanity that we've found when all hope seemed to go missing. Stories that tell of role models, pioneers, fighters of freedom. Stories of politicians, rabble-rousers, inventors, and survivors.

I want a world where we tell those stories of triumph. I want a world where we tell the stories of that man or woman, who rose above it all, to make something great in this world. I want more. That's what I'm saying.

Our culture needs something different. For too long, our culture has been handed easy on a platter. Music is dispensable, movies are dispensable, we watch shows and barely care about them. We waste precious time, reading stories that shame rather than inspire, degrade rather than excite. We are at risk of becoming a culture that bickers, argues, and refuses to see the good in each other. A culture that refuses to see the internal wars that we are all fighting. A culture split into two: my side and your side.

Our ears deserve the music of those artists who have a message that is worth sharing with the world. Our eyes deserve movies and tv shows that speak to the good in the world we know.  Let's do better. Let's create better. Let's find the stories in our souls that deserve to be told. Let's shake up the system. Let's give people something they have never seen before. Because stories change our world. Stories put a new lens upon our lives. Stories shake us to the deepest parts of ourselves.

What is easy and digestible is not always good for the soul. What is simple and spontaneous does not always nourish us like it should. They want to feed you what's easy. They want to keep you where they want you, so that you continue buying. Don't let them. Look up, open your ears, and know that you deserve better. We can create a dialogue that stirs debate, creates community, and shakes people out of the normal. Let's do that. And do it now. 

We are more than what they hand us. We are more than what they want from us.