It was one year ago, that they took her son. He was gay, and they knew it from the registry that was put in place. They showed up. Broke down windows, slammed in doors. He was just sitting down to do his homework.

She swore she would never let them take him. She knew that when the law was enacted, they might come for him. But she told herself, again and again, that she would stand and fight. And fight she did. But they took her down. They grabbed her legs, her neck. They burned her with the baton.

She woke to find he was gone. She woke to find that every memory of him had been taken from her. His room was destroyed, cleaned clear out. There was no sign of him.

When she told the cops, they did nothing. When she told her neighbors, they closed the doors to her. When she told her pastor, he said don't come back again.

And that's how it started.