So, it looks like the Governor of Georgia came to his sense and vetoed the bill. This is a win, on all fronts. Public opinion pushed their hand, businesses threatened to leave, and folks like Lambda Legal and ACLU were ready to go to court. Still, this is a scary prospect. It's scary in that this seems to be how the conservatives are trying to fight us. We won marriage equality, and now they are using "religious freedom" as a way to discriminate against us even more.

When people don't like you, when people hate you, they will find any means necessary to come at you. And if they lose one battle, they will make up another one. That is what's happening here. We won this battle, but they will keep coming back.

But we have progress on our sides. We have our voices. We have our keyboards. Gone are the days when bills could be put into place and they went unnoticed. We have enough outlets to galvanize the support we need.

It was a win this week for equality. But we have to keep fighting. We can never back down.