Let's remember those who came before us. The drag queens, activists, rabble-rousers. Let's remember those men and women who pounded the pavement for us. It was their struggle that got us to where we are today. They were the ones who fought for us, who made sure the government noticed us. 

It's easy in a time like today, where things are a little better, to forget about who came before. It's also easy to claim the gay celebrities and notables of today as the only activists that helped us move forward. Let's not play the game. Let's not let the present forget the past.

Who we are is because of the men and women who fought, and  bled, and died for us. The politicians on the hill, the queens on the street, the groups that formed, the outspoken ones. We have what we have today because their efforts. 

i love this about our history. i love this about who we are. 

We are in a wonderful time. But never forget who got us there. Honor those men and women. It was their sacrifice that brought us to today.