The gay dating world is a funny one. So many different people telling you how to act. Your friends tell you to wear this, say this, change this, adjust that. Your straight friends tell you that you're too picky. Your parents tell you to just find someone and settle down. And you're just trying to figure out this crazy world.

What does it mean to be someone in love? What matters most to us? What's the right way to go in the way of love? How do we manage the things we want in love, with the life that we want? And is the life we want roped into that love? What if you have passions beyond your relationship? What if you want the kids and the career? What if he's ready for kids, but you're busy with your life? What if it's the other way around?

Time. All we are ever given is time. Too much of it, not enough of it. We waste it on our phone playing silly games. We waste it at the dinner table, not looking at our partner. We waste it with people we really don't want to hang out with. We spend it with our families. We eat it up with our trIbe. Time is that moment of quiet. When your brain shuts off, when the television is down. When you have your thoughts. Time must not be wasted, they say. But how often do we follow through on that?

This is the Age of Opinion. This the age of the expert. Were anyone with an internet connection can tell you how to think. No one has the answers. But we have experts telling us what to do, we have friends telling us how to feel, we have Instagram accounts that think a simple meme is going to get us off our butts and change our minds.

So, how can a sane person handle it? What can a person do when all they're trying to do is live their life? But even when they do, someone is telling them what to think. Or, rather, they are saying what they think, so that you will magically come around to their thinking, even if they haven't implicitly told you to do so. Every news article is covered with opinions. No one is impartial anymore. There's no such thing.

Love doesn't have rules. Love fights against us. Love is that moment in the car, just holding their hand. Love is that moment in the morning when you're happy to see your person. Love is being alone, on top of a hill, with only you and your thoughts. Love isn't always another person, and it isn't always just one person. Love doesn't need you to name it. It just needs you to know it. Love doesn't need the opinions of others, is what I'm trying to say in all this rambling. Love is just you, or someone else, or some other thing, or some other moment.

The world doesn't need reason. You look for reason. The world just needs you to be a part of it. The world doesn't need opinion, you search for opinion. The world just needs you to bring love into it..