Things about Love:

Don't shy away from love. It's real and it's good. It's easy to play the one who has the upper-hand. It's easy to make sure you decide the rules. Never committing, sticking to what you know. Thinking that the only way to make love work is to control it, shape it, and mold it to your liking. That's not right. Let go. See what it's like when you're not in control all the time. Be someone that someone can trust. It's easy to be cold. It's easy to think you're better than someone else. This way, you get to make the rules and you get to decide how the other person is going to act. So, you text less. You don't respond as much. You only see the person when it's on your terms. Sure. This works for a time. And sure, it ,makes you look like a prize worth fighting for. But what's it really doing? What are you really doing? Is that really the way you want to win someone over? Is that how it's supposed to go? Hurting them and making them crazy until they have no choice but to giver in to you? The answer, if you were wondering, is no. Making it hard on someone else shouldn't be part of dating. And just because you have a ton of friends, and a busy life, and Netflix back at home, that doesn't mean that you should string someone along. Be better than you think you can be. Be nicer. If you think you're something amazing, then be amazing to other people. Keeping it to yourself, like it's this fine treasure, shows there was nothing there to be begin with.

Fight for what you want. If you like someone, tell them that you do. Ask them out, take a chance, get beyond that fear. And if you fall on your face, good. That happens from time to time. We're meant to be emotionally bruised up every now and then. Be OK with not knowing everything. If he seems nice, then talk to him. If he seems like a decent guy, see where it might go. Say what you want. Make your feelings known. Be open and honest. Don't worry your mind over what he's thinking. Don't think you're going to say the wrong thing. We always say the wrong thing. Life is weird and messy and silly. You're going to slip up every now and then. if you think he's worth something special, then take the leap. And if it goes sour, then at least you gave something to it. At least you tried. That's more than most people in this world ever give.

But know you're worth more. You are more than just a torso for someone to ogle at. More than a name behind a phone. You're more than just a career for people to either be jealous of, or to look down on you for. You are more than the family you came from. Don't let anyone make you feel sorry for yourself. Don't ever let them make you think you're too fat, too thin, too butch, or too femme. You're you. And what you are is the most fabulous thing in the world. You are a bright, shining unicorn. It's not about that catchy turn of phrase that you make a party. It's not about the cocktails that you have on Fridays with your friends.  It's not about being the life of the night, or being smarter than someone else. It's not about the outer things that you think make people look up to you.

You are your passions, and your spirit, and the things that mean the most to you in this world. If someone can't see that, then be done with them. Life is far too short to spend your days hoping someone likes you. Don't let the opinions of others decide your feelings. Don't let an unreturned text, or a bad date, make you question the beauty that is so inherently you. Those are people who don't deserve your time. You are someone to love. You are someone who will find someone incredible. Stop letting a man take the lead. Stop letting a man decide how you feel about yourself. Because no matter what, no matter what happens in this life, you're going to stay beautiful. The right one will come along. The bad ones will fall away. That's why this life is worth living.