With everything this world gives us, it's pretty wild to think of the time we live in right now. Politicians fighting like mad, new laws coming into the books everyday trying to bring back discrimination full-force, everyone shouting at each other left and right. It's a lot. And with the constant buzz of social media, the 24/7 news outlets, where everything studied and examined within an inch of its life, it can bring a girl down. It's far too much sometimes. So, how does one rise above it? How does one keep going? What does one do about it?

It's never easy. it makes you question, and balk at things. It makes you wonder if what you're doing is right. But most of all, it tears us apart from each other. We jump on each other. We refuse to disagree, instead fighting to make sure our point is known. This is no way to live. Disagreements are where great things come up. It's ok to argue, in a civil manner. If we can't learn from each other's differences, then how can we find a common ground?

We live in a world today where everyone is so stuck in their own opinions. And what this does it makes us move even further. What would happen if you sat down for coffee with someone who wasn't like you? What if you, a democrat, grabbed a drink with a republican, and talked out your views. It doesn't always have to lead to shouting and calling names. There can be more to us than that. It's in disagreements where we learn about the other person. "The other," think about that concept. Other views, other lifestyles, other thoughts, other feelings. We must recognize this and be open to it.

Have your tribe. Keep your tribe. But maybe it's worth reaching out to others. I know people who once held views about the gay lifestyle that fell right in line with the conservatives they would vote for. But then, they met a gay person, and their worldview began to expand. They began to see that their original thinking was quite off. And that the things they were brought up to think weren't truths they wanted to live by anymore. They saw the good in this person. And the things that once separated them became the things that brought them together. And with that, someone with a close mind soon learned how to open it. And isn't that something to marvel at? 

Look, sometimes you can't fix the world. And sometimes, you can't change the minds of other people. And sure, you can't spend your days trying to change everyone. Some people might just not like you, and there's nothing you can do about that. But some people are worth looking into. They are the ones who are open to change. Because they love you. The mom who was once closed-off to the idea of a gay  daughter, is now the one waving a flag at Pride. The brother who only knew what the church taught him, now he sees that their beliefs don;'t fall in line with his new ones.

If people are willing to be open, to listen, and to understand, then this world can change. And that is something beautiful. Enough with the ranting and the raving. With the debates that go nowhere because all they do is shout over each other. Meet someone, grab a cup of a coffee, and see where they're coming from. Maybe you can change the world, too.