We don't think about the people we are hurting when we put forth laws that harm underrepresented groups. 

We don't think about our trans brothers and sisters who are being outlawed from using the bathroom of their gender.

We don't think of how these laws, these discriminatory laws, hurt the people they are afflicting.

We don't think about how "religious freedom" laws can make every LGBT person scared to walk into a store, in fear that they'll be turned away, or worse.

We don't think about the hurt and shame this can cause.

We don't think about the things we place onto our social media channels. How our words can cut people. How our opinions can hurt those we care about.

We don't think about the politicians we elect into office, and how they don't our best interests at heart.

We don't think about the world that we are bringing our kids into. How instead of open arms, we close ourselves off. Instead of respecting everyone, we make jokes and insult our brothers and sisters.

We don't think about the pain we cause others. How our words destroy rather than build, provoke violence rather than bring forth light.