This week, Mississippi's Governor signed into law another of the religious freedom bills that have been making their rounds over the last few weeks. But unlike Georgia, where the Governor refused to sign the bill, Mississippi chose to go the other way. Signed, sealed, and delivered. And in so doing, they showed what hatred and fear and discrimination can do to a state.

I've spoken about this before, but it still rings true. This is just another way for them to tear us down. We won marriage equality, and to keep hurting us, they enact these ludicrous laws. They call them religious freedom bills, allowing business to refuse service to LGBT folks, if it goes against the beliefs of a business. This is discrimination, plain and simple. It's a business deciding to refuse service to someone not because they were rude, or volatile, or disrespectful. But because they are different. 

Back in 2011, I shot a documentary across small town America. Much of where we shot was the deep south. There, I met some of the nicest, most genuine people I had ever come across. They welcomed me with open arms. In Mississippi, we met a bar owner who let us film inside his establishment for a week, which is unheard of. The friends I made during my time in Mississippi, they are not the people who made this bill happen. They are not people of hate and fear. They are people of love. 

Shame on the Governor for signing this bill into law. Shame on you for this.