Another day passes, and another slate of bigots is trying to discriminate against us. This time, it's Tennessee. Today, they chose to pass a bill that would make it permissible for mental health professionals and therapists to deny service to LGBT folks, based off their religious beliefs.

Again,  we're using religion to mask what is blatant discrimination. Again, we are bringing religion into the government, where it doesn't belong. 

You know, I wish these people would just call it like it is. You don't like LGBT people. You just don't. You hate us, really. But instead of saying that out loud, you claim religious liberty. You talk all this nonsense about "protecting." Protecting us, protecting the kids, protecting marriage, protecting religion. This has nothing to do with religion. This has everything to do with the hatred you feel for us. You don't like us, you never did, and you're looking for every reason to turn on us.

Let's call this what it is. Because that's what it is. Hate. Pure and simple. 

There are lgbt people in every state who need counseling and mental health service, just like straight people. They should not be turned away because who they are. What if they're suicidal? What if there are problems at home? What if they have nowhere else to go? It is savage and heartless to put forth a law that would make these people in need have to start the process all over again because some counselor doesn't agree with who they are.

You don't get to turn away patients because of how they choose to identiFY. Your job is to serve the public, to help those in need, to provide services when people are at their lowest. By turning away, you are responsible for all the pain that they suffer. Your job is to help people. Your don't get to refuse.

You can keep trying to break us, remove us, deny us. You can keep trying to stop progress, but it will not stop. We will not stop. We will go on. You are bigots, and the world is changing on you. Try and get these laws passed, it won't last long. We have voices, and we're going to use them. Good luck trying to stop us. We're not going away. We lived in the shadows for too long. We're not going back.