The ground beneath her was cold and empty. She felt the grass between her fingers. In front of her was the house. The house where she and her son used to live in. The house that her husband surprised her with the day of their wedding. The house of memories, of laughter.

It was also the house where her son was ripped away from her.

See, a new President came in. And he put together some laws. These laws made it so gay folk could be rounded up and taken into prisons. It was a slate of laws that passed through the House and Senate. No one stopped him. No one told him this was wrong. And pretty soon, all the bad started.

She thought her boy was safe. She thought he wouldn't be included in the Registry. But they found him. And they took him from her.

There was that house in front of her. And the sun shined down on it, for some reason. Why, she thought to herself. Why would God shine down on this house? This house of such sadness. The good of this world didn't belong on this house. No happiness, no joy, none of it deserved to enter onto its property.

Her lip quivered. Her body shook. And all the memories found her once again.

Her son was gone. Taken from her because he was gay. She turned away. She couldn't face the memories anymore.