You are amazing, fearless, and undeniably you. You are strong, fierce, fabulous, and formidable. You are mothers, sisters, best friends, and daughters. You are fighters, builders, shapers, makers, creators. Courageous in the face of oppression. Never backing down from a battle. You have shaped this world, changed the world, moved the world forward, and you don't get enough credit for that. Whatever path you choose to tread, whatever story you choose to write, it's yours and yours alone. And you should be honored for it. There is so much to you that I can't put into one blog post, but I hope I can do my part, however small, to create stories that you would be proud of.

In a world that keeps trying to take your rights away, keeps trying to tell you how to live, or what to do with your bodies, you continue on. You stand up. You fight back. You demand more. Because voices need to be heard and things can't keep going along as is. Change must happen. In a world that tries to silence you, you stop the oppressors from doing so. You are on the front lines, speaking louder than anyone else. You are there, fighting for what it is right. Fighting for everyone who has ever been oppressed, ever had their rights taken away or their voices silenced.

I was raised by strong, enterprising, brave women. And I take that with me wherever I go. A skinny, awkward, anxiety-ridden gay kid. The women in my life helped give me the strength to come out, to own my life, and to find courage in a world that was always going to tell me no, or tell me to hide. The words of these women, the bravery of these women, the never-give-up of these women -- that is what I will take with me as I build this company. And because of this, I will fight for you. I will join hands with you. I will be in your corner.

I don't begin to know the battles you have fought, or the struggles you have faced. I could never know that. But I hope that I can tell stories that show your spirit, your amazingness, and your truth. Stories that show your heart, your courage, and how spellbindingly awesome you are. I hope that I can create female characters that all kids, both boys and girls, can love and admire. And I hope that this company gets to a place where I can make things alongside amazing women and watch as they bring their stories and their truth to the world. Whether it's books, movies, music, tv shows  -- I hope I can be there to see them make these fabulous things. I hope I can lend a hand. I hope I can offer that platform.

I'll try to do right by you. Why? Because I think it's important. Because I was raised by wonderful, powerful women, and this upbringing informs my work. Because I owe it to them. Because they saved me. Because I think lots of stories and worlds need to be shown. That's what I hope to do. I'll push for showing the many faces and facets of what makes you incredible. I'll work to show you as inventors, creators, politicians, rabble-rousers, CEOs, humanitarians, kick-ass crime fighters. Somewhere, we lost our way. Somewhere, we stopped telling the stories that matter. Somewhere, we put stats over story, figures over narrative, metrics over heart. I hope I can change that. I want to change that.

I hope to always make strong, amazing women characters. I hope my company is known for that. Women who fight, laugh, cry, argue, instigate, raise the stakes, and go to war for what matters to them. Women who are saving the world, riling up a crowd, or fighting a small battle at home. Women who can fend off alien attacks just as easily as they can bring hope to their small town after a violent storm. I hope that every character I write has traits of all the women who have shaped me. Women who started their own businesses, women who fought against oppression, women who believed in causes, women who own their lives, women who never settled, women who worked their way up the ranks, took the stage, and said "This is my time. I earned it."

I can't speak for all men. I can only hope that this company is known for great portrayals of women. And I can only hope that this company gets big enough that people notice and they follow suit.

That's my hope. That's my pledge. Great women helped me grow up. Great women inspired me through books, music, movies, and television. Great women keep me going today. I hope I can give back. I hope I can bring those stories to the world.