This week, and last week, have been filled with questions and comments and government discussions about bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms. Mainly, North Carolina decided to pass a law demanding people use the bathroom of their born gender. Today, this was considered a violation by the Federal Government. Right now, it's North Carolina's move.

My friend at the site, Femnasty, wrote this great post about the silliness of the whole thing.

Whatever happens in North Carolina, let's get one thing clear: this is bigotry being displayed. People saying it's about protecting children, or something like that, are simply using that message as a veil to hide what is clearly a hatred and bias for trans people. It is bigotry, that's it. You see it in social media, you see it on television, and you see it from the supporters of the bills. They don't understand trans people, they don't like them, and they choose to discriminate against them. If you don't think bigotry towards trans people is alive and kicking, just look at this recent video of harassment on an NYC subway:

Stuff like this happens all the time in the lives of trans people. Trans people face harassment everyday of their lives. Their deaths go unchecked, unsolved, and unreported. Their lives are marginalized, and no one says anything. They are not supported, they are not protected. This is another instance of hate and fear coming to the fold. Thankfully, there are organizations in place working to fix this.

This bathroom argument is another way for people to hurt the LGBT community. Another way for them to rally against us. Our trans brothers and sisters deserve respect. They deserve equal rights. And yes, they deserve to use the restroom of their choosing. We must continue to advocate for them, continue to fight for them. The battle for equality is not over. We must keep going. We must keep looking after all members of our LGBT family.