At 2am this morning, a man walked into an Orlando gay club and began shooting. 10 hours later, 50 are dead and 53 are injured. The biggest mass shooting in America.

More posts will come, but for now I will say this:

Hate will never win. Discrimination will never win. Violence will never win. This was terrorism. This was homophobia. And right now, our brothers and sisters are doing whatever they can to help this situation. Giving blood, donating food, helping the wounded.

We are hurt by this. And saddened. And for a little while, we are shattered. But we will rebound. This will not stop us from being who we are, loving who we want, and living how we see fit. Hate can hold a gun, but hate will not take our humanity from us. We are here. We are together. We are united. And you can't ever take that away. No one will take that away.

No doubt there are problems in America. No doubt we have issues with guns that need to be addressed. And hopefully, they will be addressed. And yes, this is becoming all too common in our lives. But for now, take this time to call up someone you love, and tell them so. Hold your family close. Keep living your lives. 

It's Pride month. A time when we think about how far we have come in the struggle for acceptance. And even in all our wins, we can see that there is still a way to go. But we will keep this month. We will honor it. And we will continue to celebrate.

Nothing will break us. Nothing will stop us.