No reason. No point. That's all I can think about as the day comes to a close, 10 minutes to midnight, and this tragic, terrible, awful day comes to a close. A day that began at nightfall with the shooting of a gay club. A day that spiraled into a mix of love, anger, hate, division, coming together. So many things. And I guess that's what makes us Americans. But it hurts even so.

America. We are here. 

Enough with the guns. Enough with the violence. Enough with the terrible atrocities that we inflict on each other. Enough with worrying about walking into a building. 

More dead bodies on the ground. Mothers and fathers who don't know if their sons and daughters are alive or dead. We rail on about bathroom bills. We rail on about protecting our children from a community that just wants to live and love and not be bothered. 

You call us names. You call us sinful. You say we don't deserve love, or marriage, or equal rights. And then, you don't even say our names when this terrible massacre takes place. And you don't think of the solution that could have made certain this never happened.

But we will go on. Why? Because that's what we know how to do. We will survive. You couldn't break us at Stonewall, and you won't break us now. You couldn't break us for the decades that you tried to keep us behind closed doors.

The world moves. It keeps going. And we will keep on. the sun will shine for us. The light will glow for us. And the old guard will be taken out. Your hate only unites us. Your anger only drives us.

We will not stop. Love will better the day. And we will keep going.

That's a promise.