We went to a vigil tonight. And people came from all over. They did not speak of fear, nor of hate. Hundreds showed up, filling the streets and the windows. In a showing of love. A song that something new is up ahead. Something major.

Mothers came with their kids, speaking of how they will tell them of what happened in Orlando. Politicians took the stage. Their cries for justice echoed through us. Men and women of faith joined together. Under the simple truth that we are one. People sang. Communities rallied. We lit candles. We shared smiles, knowing glances. We shared hands. We shared arms.

We went to a vigil tonight and there was no hate. People spoke of dancing. Dancing like our lives depend on it, dancing because we still can dance, dancing because the world knows we are still here. And that's what they shouted: "we are here.. we are here.. we are here." Louder and louder until we were all saying it. Our voices cracking, our hearts heavy, our hands in the air.

In a city like Baltimore, a city that has seen so much pain, we were together tonight. And we made a vow to not let the dead in Orlando go forgotten. We read their names aloud. The mics caught the tears in our breath. The sky overhead did not darken until we were done with the night. And we sang. And we danced. Locking eyes and linking hearts.

"Live, Children. Live." Spoke the words of one pastor. Live for today, tomorrow. Live for the family that you choose. Live for the art, music, and wonder that you make everyday. Live for the moments that mean the most. For what could be. Live for what will do with this life. We are all figuring out how to make it. What to do in a world that seems so cold. We just live. And we smile. Greeting the day and moving on. Progress. Momentum. Possibility.

We went to a vigil tonight. Alongside our brothers and sisters. Making our stand. And the message was clear: you won't stop us. You won't break us. You won't take our hearts from us. We will be reborn, in this life or the next. We will continue on. We will join hands and we will face the next stage, And we will build beautiful things that will blot our your hate.

This evening showed what people could do, together. And in countless cities all over the world, people continue to come together. We will demand more from our politicians, our clergy, our leaders. And we won't rest until we can live without fear.