We will let love drive out the hate. Never letting it consume us. We will be angry, and mad, and hurt, and ripped at the seams, but we will not break. You think you can stop us. You can't. We carry with us the love ands strength from our brothers and sisters who paved the way for us. They didn't stop. We won't stop.

We will continue to hold hands, continue to kiss, continue to show the world who we are. You don't scare us. You won't be the thing that stops us from living and loving out loud.

We will keep raising families. We will continue to raise our kids to be good, upstanding, kind, respectful people. And we will not stop. You can't take our rights from us. You can't take what we have worked so hard for.

The road in this life is paved with bad people. People that want to make fun of us, insult us, tear us down, tell us we can't have what we want. Those people will die never knowing love. Those people will die unhappy. They will spend their days thinking they know us, thinking they can hurt us. And all the while, they never even left a ding in our armor.

Let's call what June 12 was. A hate crime. An act of terror. An act of bigotry. A man decided to go into a gay club and shoot it up. This is not the first time this has happened. And there is a chance this won't be the last. But we will not fear this. We will keep having Pride, keep walking in the parades, keep being our fabulous selves.

Love rips open the shackles of war. Love changes the minds of the evil. Love washes away the fires of hate and fear. Love builds. Love creates. Love brings us together. Love takes away the bad and makes way for the good. Love reminds us why we are here, still living, still breathing, still thriving.

We are here. We will always be here. We will not go back in the closet for you. We will not stop loving because you say so, or because you don't like how it looks. We are not here for your perfect America. We will make our own America. And we will continue to move forward. Onward. To a better world, a better life, a better society, and a better America.

That's a promise.