Everyone is saying America is falling apart. That there is no hope left for a 240-year-old country. Same time, everyone is saying we need to do this and that; less guns, more guns, tougher restrictions on immigration, new laws, less laws. Everything under the sun. And it all comes at once. Everyone throws their hat into the ring. One minute, a pastor in Sacramento is applauding the Orlando violence. Next minute, hundreds are lining up to give blood. Two sides of this tragedy. Two worlds, two thoughts, two minds.

Everyone talks. That's the world we live in today. That's the joy, and the bad, and the messy, of social media. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has an opinion of what to do next. My conservative friends tell me it's time to arm ourselves. My liberal friends say it's time to take away all the guns. Neither of them talk to each other. We stick in our own bubbles.

So crazy all that can happen in one single week. A tragedy leads to a filibuster. A tragedy leads to increased violence towards LGBT clubs. A tragedy leads to a call for LGBT people to take up arms and shoot back. A tragedy leads to an outpouring of emotion, of love and of hope. There is our President laying flowers at the site. There is our Republican front-runner congratulating himself that he "saw this coming." Again, everyone takes a side.

Post after post, line after line, opinion after opinion. Some say we need to carry a gun, some say we won't see any change from this, some say we are going to fight back, some say we are going to take on the gun advocates. Everyone says something different. No one gives an answer.

My head has been spinning all week. I wish we could all come together and agree on something, but that's a fool's errand. We all grieve differently. We fight back, we lawyer up, we go into hiding, we stand our ground, we raise our hands, we kneel in prayer. Everyone handles it their own way.

Guess all I can say is this: decide for yourself. But when you do, think about what you're deciding. Think about what's really going to make this world a better place. Think about those 50 dead and 53 wounded. What would they want? Think about love. Does love come with the barrel of a gun? Does love mean losing all hope? Do you think love can get us through this, or do you think something else will? What's going to move you to action? But tell me: what will that action be? Are you going to fix the laws, or stay at home? Are you going to call your senator, or do you think it's not worth it? Are you going to write angry from your laptop, or are you going to live out loud? Are you going to purchase a gun, or are you going to work to change the gun laws? Are we going to live in hiding forever? Will you never hold your lover's hand again in public, or will you not be afraid?

Hold your kids close. Hold your partner close. Be who you are. Live your life on your terms. Do whatever, but do it with purpose, do it with love, do it because it's going to make America stronger.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has an objective. Everyone has a plan in mind for what they're going to do next. What will yours be? And will it lift this America to be something better than it once was, or will you just start the cycle of bad all over again?

That's on you.