This is Pride month. Obviously, there have been Pride's all over the globe this month. Today, June 26, is a special one, for many reasons. One, it marks the year anniversary that Marriage Equality became legal in all 50 states. Three years before today, DOMA was taken down. And 13 years to the day, Lawrence v Texas was decided. Yes, this is a very special day indeed.

On a personal note, NYC Pride will always hold special reverence for me. My first Pride ever was in NYC. I was 23, interning at this off-Broadway theater company. I remember showing up at Christopher Street, watching the floats culminate right by the piers. I remember it raining like crazy and no one caring. I remember just being happy to be alive. Thankful that I had this moment. That I was here, in the city of possibility. I would spend a few more years in New York, and every year, I would honor Pride. Then, when I left the city, I made sure that wherever I was, I never missed Pride.

Every year, Pride is written about in many different ways. Some say it's become too big, too commercial, too over-the-top.  I say let's stop all that. Pride is different for every person. Celebrate it however you choose. Walk in the parade, build a float, dance all night, watch from your rooftop. Go see a movie, hold your partner's hand in the park, tell your parents what June means, sing to your kids, go to the mall. It doesn't matter how you honor it, just honor it. Know that men and women fought and died for us to live how we want. And yes, there is still struggle. And yes, there is still danger. And yes, things aren't always simple. But we're here. And we're keeping up the fight. In countries far removed from us, they don't even get the chance to have Pride. Or if they do, it's riddled with fear over what may come. In other countries, people don't get this right. They never get to celebrate who they are, inside and out. So, raise a glass, grab a cup of coffee, wave the flag. Do whatever it is you want to do today. And think of how far we have come.

We still have a long way to go. But right now, men and women are taking time out of their day to honor who they are, love who they want, and speak their truth in a world that always wants to hide. Pride started when a group of men and women, of all colors and backgrounds, who said "Enough is enough." There will always be more work to do. But for now, let's love one another. Let's dance together. Let's sing together. Let's do something that brings the world forward. Because that's what keeps us moving. That's where progress starts.