The Republican National Convention happened last week. And with it came fear-mongering, hate, vitriol, anger, and jealousy. A portrait painted of an America that broken, aimless, hurting, and falling to pieces.

Then, we have the Democratic National Convention. As I write this, it's still going on. And over these four days, the message could not be any more opposite than the one from last week. The people on this stage know of the America we live everyday. They know it has its problems, but they have faith in what's to come. Where some see hate, they see love. Where some see anger, they see potential. Where some see failure, they see triumph.

What happens over these next three months will be something to behold. But I know where I stand. In the face of all the anger and spite, I know where my heart lies. I will never see this America as a broken one. I will never see America as a failure. The general social media message of today, usually spat by people who can't even name their congressman, is that America is lost. That America is over. You will never see me bringing this mindset forward. I will never fall in line with the vampires that want to suck the life out of America.

America has its problems. America has its divisions. But America is strong, and it's safe, and it's beautiful. We are nation of soldiers, fighters, makers, doers, survivors. We are made of so many things; grit, determination, heart, resolve. We are not going anywhere. America is not going anywhere. And as in vogue it is now to hate on America, you will never see that out of me. I will never give up hope.