We're 8 months into 2016, and I gotta ask, what have we learned? We learned there is violence out there. We learned things are scary. We learned there are entrenched biases that bring us down and tear us away from each other. We learned some people don't want to see change happen. Some would rather stay locked away in their tower. We learned the Old Guard likes things they way they are, and they don't want anything to change.

What did I learn? I learned we can't live in the hate any longer. I learned that we have to be better than we think we can be. For when we choose hate over love, no one wins. When we choose to close our eyes to what's really there, we stay blind forever. It's in this blindness that nothing gets done. It's this blindness that separates us. It's this blindness that makes us lose our way.

Love has got to be what keeps us going. Love for another. Love that goes beyond the opinions, the bad talk, the disillusionment, the hate, the racism, and the anger. 

Look. It's easy to get down. It's easy to lose hope. Easy to think nothing is ever going to improve. Easy to say that America is over. What's harder, really, is pushing forward. What's harder is finding your tribe and making change happen.

It's been a crazy year. There is no doubt about that. A year when the potential leader of the free world could be a man who wants nothing more than to divide us, anger us, break us, make us hate each other. A man who wants to tear us apart, rip away our humanity, and create divisions rather than create love.

GLITTER CORPS began on a belief that good stories were what the world needed. Stories of heroes, stories of love that beat the odds, stories of truth in the face of hate. That's what drives us to keep going. That's what empowers me to know things aren't as bad as they seem. And it's the message I will bring forth in everything that I make for this company.

We have five more months to make something great of this year. In the face of death, in the face anger and resentment and bigotry and fear; let's make this year something better. Let's ride on the wheels of hope, dip our foot into of courage, and belief there is magic left in this world.