At the end of June, I left my job at to focus on GLITTER CORPS full-time. Three months down the road, I thought it would be fun to check in and talk a little about how things are going. 

What I learned?

  • Insurance: if you are working for clients, you are going to need business insurance. Be sure to look around, but be careful: not all insurance companies may understand the work you do. Find an insurance provider who understands what you do and has similar clients to you. It can become a real challenge real fast if you aren't looking in the right place.
  • Time-Management: You're going to need to learn how to find a balance in your life, and it's not going to be easy. I start every morning with a schedule and I end every evening with a schedule. For me, that's what I need to stay focused. Life, work, kids, partners: it's all going to take a lot of adjustment. Enjoy the crazy, but learn how to temper the crazy.
  • Learning to jump: Everyone has a thought over how you should act, and when you should act. Building your own business is about learning when to pull the trigger. You could wait until you have all your ducks in a row, but when is that ever going to happen? There is no perfect time to start a business. You wait, or you can jump. You will figure it all out. But not moving is death.

Progress So Far?

  • I was lucky enough to book a client right before I made the leap to running this business full-time. Because of this, there was less worry over where money would come from at the outset. While this is great, it's important to still stay focused on the months ahead. You don't want to become sedentary and you have to remember you can't ever bank on just one client.
  • Make connections: I was able to book a university client recently. How did it happen? I met with an alum of my school, told him about the business, and he was kind enough to direct me to the right person. Moral? Always talk up your business. You never know who can come through for you. 

Next Steps?

  • It's never what you think it's going to look like. I didn't come in with a huge investor, nor did I start from zero. Even so, the planning for what's next is where my mind is right now. I'm looking at some upcoming projects that could be fun, and I'm trying to see what feels like a good fit. 
  • Staying hopeful: There is a lot of good up ahead for this business. All I can do is keep working and keep staying positive. The minute I get negative, the minute I let fear take over, that's when things go bad.

To be continued.