Glitter Corps Rules 

(Mind you, I'm still working on this, so bear with me. Think of this is as me working through some thoughts with all of you.)

  • We are made up of all those who came before us. The men and women who bled for us, spoke up for us, who wrote stories that changed the world, who stood on the streets and fought for our rights. We are here because of them. 


  • With every move of the pen, we will etch our history into everything we create.


  • We will create new LGBTQ heroes that people will remember. Heroes aren’t born on the sidelines. Heroes don’t come into a three-episode arc and then leave. Our heroes will be the ones kids turn to when they need role modes. The heroes who inspire people to believe in what’s possible. We already are those everyday heroes in real life. Now, it’s time to show it. 


  • We create stories that lift the community, not run in tired tropes and easy laughs. We create because good stories can move mountains. We create because our lives need to be told.


  • We create for the kid building fantastical worlds in her mind. For the boy who just had his heart broken and he’s looking for something to turn to. For the woman who is searching for hope in a tough time. We create stories for those people. We feel for them, we understand them, and we will make things for them. 


  • We create so that one day, someone can say, “That’s me up there. That’s my story. That life is possible.” 


  • If it’s not powerful, it’s not ours. If it’s not lifting someone up, we don’t put our name on it. We will tell lives of joy, victory, sorrow, tears, progress, hope, possibility, and adventure.