Ways to make more LGBTQ stories


  • Tell your truth: You have a story. Find a way to tell it. Blog, film, podcast, newsletter. Whatever it is you want to say, make sure it's said. People need to hear you and see you.


  • Celebrate: Honor gay writers, actors, artists, filmmakers. Buy their books, go see their movies, check out their plays, watch them on Netflix, and buy their music. It may be a niche audience, but that's only if we don't support them.


  • Demand Better: If you want better stories of LGBTQ people, then make it or demand it. Let your voice be heard. Have a dialogue. Discuss why it works and why it doesn't. We have to demand more if we want things to change.


  • Fight back: Don't let the fear of what people may say stop you. Don't let the trolls tell you your work doesn't have value. Everything you make is better than anything someone doesn't make. Don't sit on the sidelines because there is potential for criticism. Not everyone is going to love what you do. So what? Make it anyway.