Another part of the company that we plan to focus our efforts on is in services to LGBTQ organizations.

What we are seeing: LGBTQ organizations are having struggles getting donors to engage again, especially after the wins of DADT and Marriage Equality. The general consensus is that things are fine and that we don't need to fight anymore. This is scary thinking for many reasons.

  1. The fight is not over. There are still very clear issues with religious liberty bills, housing discrimination, violence against trans people, employment discrimination, continued funding for HIV/AIDS outreach, bullying in the schools, bathroom bills. Though the Marriage Equality win was the most profile, that doesn't mean we can just stop working towards full equality. We have many issues that need to be addressed. And though they aren't as sexy as Marriage Equality, they are just as important.
  2. Thinking it's over. When we think it's over, we stop trying. When we think it's over, it's only because our needs have been met and we're not thinking about the larger issues at play. Nor are we thinking about the other communities who are still struggling. Marriage Equality has not stopped trans people from getting murdered. It has not stopped states from trying to hurt us. Our win only pushed the bigots to try to hurt us in other ways. We can't give up now.
  3. Non-profits. We must continue to support non-profits that look out for every member of our LGBTQ community. From the youth to the elderly. They are the ones who are helping us move the cause forward. We must continue to give to them. We must continue to share their stories. In foreign countries, ones with no protections for LGBTQ people, the situation is even worse. We have to support these organizations that advocate for them.

Our Services

We recognize what has happened in the social climate. We recognize how big wins on the national level have made it so we think everything is fine. GLITTER CORPS will work with organizations to reach their donors. We will create campaigns that spur donors to continue engaging with non-profits. We will create social media campaigns, events, films, and strategic initiatives that help organizations inspire their donors to give again. That's what we can do.

The Moral

This is a movement for all of us. And the movement is not over. Not by a long shot. One victory is not the end of things. One victory doesn't mean we stop trying. We need to keep advocating for change, we need to keep fighting discriminatory laws, we need to keep demanding justice for our trans brothers and sisters, and we need to keep LGBTQ education and support in the schools. That's how we must move forward.