Before the first Presidential debate last night, the cast of Will & Grace dropped a 10-minute surprise episode. Personally, I saw this and was just absolutely giddy! For 8 seasons, this show was one of the smartest, funniest, most honest, most progressive shows in television history. Some people neglect the inroads that Will & Grace helped start. This show came out in 1998, a time when gay visibility was still in its nascent stages. And here was this show with the honesty and the gumption to show gay life onscreen. I will forever love this show. For 10 minutes last night, I got to remember what an amazing piece of art this show was. For 10 minutes, I got to forget about the vitriol that was about to be hurled at Hillary Clinton. And all was well with the world. A toast to Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. You will always be in my heart.