Loyalty to Brand

LGBTQ families are loyal to a brand. A company that shows it cares about LGBTQ fmailies will cretae lifelong brand loyalty in its LGBTQ customer. They know that the brand is there for them. That the brand cares about them. As we have seen, representation matters.

Showing All Kinds

Marketing to LGBTQ families shows to the world, and to the customer, that you want all kinds of families taking part in your company. You believe in who they are, value who they are, and want to demonstrate that to them. But it goes deeper than just a banner ad on a gay-themed website. It means actually showing two dads buying their first Honda minivan. It means showing two moms walking with their child through the mall. It means showing a boy on his first date with another boy at Outback (why not?!). It's actually showing their everyday lives, experiencing the same moments everyone else does. That's where the narrative becomes something more.

Revenue Generator

The purchasing power of the LGBTQ market is only going to increase as LGBTQ families continue to remain visible, continue to get out, continue to explore, and continue to go on vacations. They are faithful consumers. They are vigilant towards the brands that reach them. And the opposite is also true. As we saw with the state of North Carolina, when a state chooses to discriminate (as seen with the HB2 law), profits suffer and cities suffer. in today's world, discrimination does nothing but hurt the brand, the state, the city, and its people.

What We Know

The LGBTQ market is a niche one, but it can be so much more. Now is the time for corporations to create materials that appeal to the LGBTQ audience, show all kinds of families, and speak to who these families are. The market is there. You just need to talk to them.