In today's business landscape, it's about more than just saying you're an inclusive company. You must show it in the materials you put out, in the communications you distribute across your channels. It's about reaching your employees. It's about telling the story of your brand. It's about showing you celebrate all kinds of people.

In 2015 alone, the purchasing power of LGBT market was over 900 million. In 2016, those numbers have very likely increased. In 2017, they are only going to get bigger. At Glitter Corps, we specialize in communications directed towards the LGBT community. We tell stories of the men and women who buy your product, drive your cars, visit your hotels, and work in your buildings. If you are not reaching them, then you are missing out on a lifelong customer and a lifelong employee. It's about more than acknowledging them. It's about celebrating them. It's knowing that you, the business, have their backs. that you welcome them. 

The world is watching. How is your business going to respond?