It's been three days since the Women's March. Where almost 3 million people came together, across cities and across countries, in an act of community and solidarity. This was proof of what can be done when marketing meets activism, when passion becomes action, and when people want to build something that means something.

With the future in front of us, it's time for businesses to start asking themselves what kind of role they want to play in this new landscape. Are you going to rise above the discord and create harmony amongst your customers? Are you going to deny what's happening in Washington? Are you going to create materials that inspire people or tear them apart? How do you want people to remember your organization?

Healthcare: there are many question marks here. But what's going to separate healthcare is how it needs to keep going, even in the face of change. Continuing to advocate for its patients, continuing to push for services to its staff. Healthcare is a forever changing entity and this year is no different. It's no longer about staying the course. It's about making sure you're there for people and finding new ways to innovate.

For universities: your students, staff, and faculty are going to be watching your next moves. They are scared and the classroom isn't always the safe space that it should be. Universities will have to keep reaching out to its students, creating materials that encourage diverse faculty to apply, and ensuring that the staff feels welcome. Alumni need to know you hear their concerns. And by doing this, by reaching these people, your donations will increase. Your message has to do more than rally your donors, it has to reach everyone.

And for corporations: it's up to you to show the lives of us. It's on you to help bring our voices to every corner of America. Your companies can be the engines of progress. You bring us together, connect us, link us. But one message is not a message for all. It's imperative that you do more. This means showing all people, all families, and all backgrounds taking active participation in your product. That's how we break down the walls, that's how we create harmony, and that's how you bring in new revenue.

There are many questions for America. And those questions will only be answered when we work together.